The Bubba Wallace Scholarship

In the midst of Daytona preparation and phone calls with potential sponsors, Bubba Wallace is in the process of

launching The Bubba Wallace Scholarship fund, a $10,000 merit-based scholarship for students at Wallace's alma mater Northwest Cabarrus High School in 2017 and 2018. The program targets students in need of financial aid that are hard-working, focused, determined and ready to pursue their dreams.

Qualities that Bubba himself embodies. "From the hardworking side, you look at the career path that I chose," Wallace told "You've got to give 110 percent every day, no matter if it's sitting here talking to you guys or being out on the race track fighting those last couple laps at Martinsville. You have to be focused, you have to be determined on every move that you make and have the right judgment call.

"And that's what we're giving back to the community, picking out those certain students that are embodying those characteristics and that are trying to strive to get to the next goal and they just need a little help getting there.

"They have these big dreams -- which, everybody should have big dreams and fight for them each and every way. And the ones that keep motivation and determination alive -- we're looking to help them out and to get them to the next level."

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